Video Testimonials

“I have already introduced Bank Brokers to family, friends and colleagues, and indeed to customers to see how they could also make savings.”

David Chattwell, Managing Director

Celtic Manor Resort

“We made substantial savings on our merchant fees, which I’m very, very happy with. Bank Brokers did an amazing job for Celtic Manor and I’d highly recommend their services.”

Carl Stockden, Director of Finance

Fresca Group

“The real win for Fresca was retaining our existing valuable banking relationship, as well as saving money. A win-win for both of us.”

Brett Sumner, Finance Director


“I would recommend Bank Brokers. Viju are experts in global visual collaboration and Bank Brokers are the experts in global banking”.

Andy Evans, Managing Director


“The overall experience was very positive. It was simple, it was not hard work for the team and also we saved a lot of money.”

David Parrondo, Deputy Managing Director