PaymentGenes Academy Course

Hear from Lauren about her experience

Last month, colleagues Lauren Hosking, Ed Fillbrook & Sahani Witharana took part in a course at PaymentGenes Academy to further their knowledge and expertise in topics such as;

  • The History of Payments
  • Transaction Processing
  • Regulations

Taking this course supports our objective to provide the highest quality service for our clients.
We asked Lauren what she thought of the course and how this will impact her work.

Can you tell us more about PaymentGenes and the course?

“The PaymentGenes Academy Course delves deeply into the payments industry, providing a comprehensive understanding of how the payment process operates.

The course consists of 10 highly detailed modules that cover aspects of the industry not typically explored by us as analysts. There were two interactive sessions designed in a Q&A format, which allowed us to review what we had learned and address any areas of the course that may need revisiting. These sessions allowed us to ask any questions we had.

Overall, I found the course extremely beneficial as it has equipped me with a foundational knowledge of the terminology commonly encountered in our daily work. It facilitated my understanding of the intricate step-by-step procedure involved in card payments and the various factors involved.”

What were the Top 3 things you learned?

    • “The concept of transaction processing and how each element of the process works. (Authorisation, Capture, Clearing, and Settlement.”
    • “The foundation of fraud and risk management, what fraud is, and the different types of fraud.  I learned how the fraud and chargeback rates are calculated and what the scheme fraud and chargeback thresholds are.”
    • “How a PSP (Payment Service Provider) works and what is a POP Payment Orchestration Platform) is. I can also distinguish between a collecting PSP and a distributing PSP.”

How will this work to benefit BBMS and you personally?

“The course has greatly enhanced my knowledge of the payment industry, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of its various components.

This newfound expertise has significantly boosted my confidence when interacting with clients, as I can now confidently address any inquiries they may have. The course has shed light on how my analytical work directly benefits clients, emphasizing the uniqueness of every client.

I am confident that this course would greatly benefit anyone joining BBMS, as it delves into the intricacies of the industry that we encounter in our daily work.”

Lauren Hosking – Analyst

Thank you to PaymentGenes for providing our team with excellent insight. If you are looking to expand your knowledge visit their website.

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